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Association of Georgian Virtual Zone Persons

- a non-profit organization that unites foreign investors - representatives of Georgian IT companies.
Our primary goal is to protect the interests of the members of the Association and to provide transparency in the regulation of their activities.
Together we are a force that can withstand the aggressive attempts of the Tax Department of Georgia to revise the regulations of the activities of companies with the status of a virtual zone of Georgia, directed against foreign investors.
Your contributions are the only reason we exist. Donations can be made in the following ways:

  • deposit funds to the current account of NPO
  • donation in cryptocurrency

What we do

We bring together foreign investors who have been subjected by illegal tax audits and jointly initiate transparent legislation in the IT sphere through the media and the Government.

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  • Anna Davidson
    On behalf of the entire team at JUST Advisors, I would like to express our deepest gratitude for your invaluable cooperation and assistance. Your professionalism and promptness in responding to our requests have always been of the highest standard. We particularly appreciate your role in strengthening legality and creating a favorable legal environment for the development of IT companies in Georgia. Your contribution to this important work is key to our joint success. We look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration and are confident that together we will achieve even greater successes in the future.
    Anna Davidson
    Founder of JUST Advisors
  • Association member
    After another inspection, the RS has cleared us of all our debt and fines. We are obviously extremely happy about this result, which I do not doubt is due in significant part thanks to your efforts.
    Association member
  • კომპანია N
    Please be advised that, today, we received the final decision to our company's tax appeal to the Ministry of Finance. According to the final decision, the taxes claimed by the Revenue Service in their previous decision do not have to be paid: the tax owed is zero. I want to take a moment to give a BIG THANK YOU for all the invaluable work you have done at the Association of Georgian Virtual Zone Persons regarding our case! I am very grateful for your efforts and support to get the previous decisions overturned.
    კომპანია N


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